Guest Lecture on “Arbitration: Current Penumbra & Future Opportunities”

The guest speaker for the session was Ms. Gunjan Chhabra, Partner at Adwitya Legal LLP.

Ms. Chhabra has expertise as well as a decade of experience in Commercial Arbitration and litigation and is empanelled as an arbitrator with various online dispute resolution institutions. Through the session, she catered to the students to gain an insight into dispute resolution mechanisms and their future possibilities and opportunities as a blooming field in the Legal arena.

The session commenced with a warm, welcoming note delivered by Ms. Madhura Vaidya, Convener of CCADR. Ms. Chhabra captured the session in two major parts, i.e., the grey areas in the field of Arbitration and the future opportunities and development in the domain. Various topics like Unilateral Appointment of Arbitrators, Emergency Arbitration, Modification of awards and interplay of section 9 and section 11 were discussed with the help of recent case laws. Highlighting the facts and rationale of judgment, Ms Chhabra pointed out their practicality, obscurities, and possible solutions for parties as well as legislation.

Ms Chhabra, in the second part of her lecture, discussed the developments and opportunities in the field such as ODR and various areas to specialize in, such as insolvency, intellectual property, start-ups etc. She also discussed how a student or a practitioner could get herself acquainted with Arbitration and the existing national and international opportunities. This was followed by an interactive question-answer session where participants asked queries related to discussed provisions and laws and sought guidance for career opportunities in Arbitration.

Ms. Nidhi Prakriti, a student member of CCADR, gave the Vote of Thanks. The session was attended by more than 200 participants from various universities and academia. We extend our gratitude to our guest speaker, Ms. Gunjan Chhabra, for her valuable time and efforts.

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