The Centre

The Chanakya Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CCADR) was established at Chanakya National Law University, Patna, in the year 2021, with the objective to promote academic research on themes pertaining to the resolution of disputes. Alternative Dispute Resolution is a new and emerging interdisciplinary field that is concerned with, inter-alia, the following themes: (a) the study of the causative structural factors and the subjective motives of the actors giving rise to disputes; (b) the study of the formal and informal institutions dedicated to the resolution of disputes; and (c) the study of the laws and regulations to produce fair outcomes of disputes.

With the establishment of this research centre, we aim to develop a congenial environment for students and researchers to further their interest in ADR, which enables skill development and helps us compete at the national and international levels. CCADR will strive to promote Lok Adalat as an indigenous means of the dispute resolution process, be involved in the policy framework related to ADR, and encourage law students to take up activities in the field of ADR by conducting competitions, workshops and encouraging research.

We strive to collaborate with governmental authorities as well as both national (NLUs) and international universities, colleges, and centres to encourage research and innovation in the field of ADR. In the future, CCADR will conduct certification, online training, diploma/degree programs, and specialized courses in the field of ADR.

Functions of the Centre

  1. To promote a general culture of research and discussion of ADR in the University.
  2. To run a Bi-annual peer-reviewed Journal on ADR, which would cater as a common platform to publish research work undertaken by students, academicians, and professionals from within and outside the University.
  3. To provide an online platform for publishing regular updates in the field of ADR weekly, short submissions, research material, case comments, and policy analysis in the field of ADR.
  4. To bridge the gap between University and industry by organizing seminars, conferences, round table discussions, conclaves, Guest Lectures, and webinars by industry experts.
  5. To conduct workshops and non-credit practical courses to impart practical and technical knowledge of the industry to University students.
  6. To establish and organize Certificate Courses in ADR for students, academicians, and young professionals from within and outside the University.
  7. To conduct competitions at the national and International Levels in ADR.
  8. To help the Legal Aid cell of the University in dealing with complex cases through ADR.
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